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Posted on 06-22-2014

Anubis was not his name when he arrived at Town & Country Animal Hospital.  In fact, he had no name.  He was a 3 month-old male brindle greyhound who was failing to thrive.  He weighed 18 lbs., was pot-bellied and was decidedly not feeling well.  Diagnostics revealed a blood glucose (BG) of greater than 700mg/dl, with normal values being 70-120mg/dl.  Anubis has Diabetes Mellitus.  However, he was happy, lovable, and never met man nor beast he didn't like and wouldn't kiss.  My staff named him Anubis after an Egyptian god.  He immediately took a liking to having a name.

We started treatment for his diabetes by giving him insulin twice daily.  That failed to control his BG levels which were fluctuating from 45 to over 700.  We then started giving insulin every 8 hours.  Poor baby - getting stuck for BG levels 3 times daily plus getting insulin injections each time - not a happy life for such a happy puppy.

We contacted the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine and found out that Anubis qualified for a program that was studying the use of pancreatic cell implants to treat diabetes.  However, to fully qualify for the program Anubis had to have a "forever home."  That's where I come in.  I had fallen head over heels in love with him.  Maybe it's because he was so young and so sick, or maybe I have "Greyhound Fever".  That's a sickness where having one greyhound leads to another greyhound which leads to another, and so on. 

Further consultation with OSU led us to change the type of insulin we were using from Novalin N to Levemir (a long-acting insulin).  The good news - Anubis was back to twice daily BG levels and 2 insulin injections daily.  The bad news - even the Levemir didn't control his diabetes.  His BG levels still wildly fluctuated from 49 to 700.  So, we continued increasing his dose. 

Diabetes is an insidious disease that currently has no cure.  We talk about managing diabetes, controlling blood glucose, and monitoring the course of the disease.  We hope the pancreatic cell implants may change all that.  Currently, the cells we need are maturing in pigs in MN, the doctor who will do the implants is in CA, the surgery will take place in Columbus, OH (at OSU), and Anubis was born and is being raised in Wheeling, WV.  Surely, a transcontinental journey to healing.

We'll keep you posted.

James E. Radcliffe, DVM

Debbie McKenzie said:

God Bless you for taking him in and giving him . Forever home and for all you do and have done for all the animals...mine included. YOU are special.

2014-06-23 06:56:13

Erin Cuffaro said:

Another lucky pup to have Dr. Radcliffe. Continued prayers for Anubis!

2014-06-23 06:56:55

J. Black said:

Anubis could not have landed in a better place. Please keep us posted on his upcoming treatment!

2014-06-23 07:14:00

cindy said:

You are such an amazing person I love how you treat your patients better then some humans get cared for

2014-06-23 08:47:23

Bobbi Jo Rosol said:

Poor little guy. He is so lucky to have you advocate for him and give him a chance. To meet a greyhound (especially a pup) is to love them. I have 3 and would do anything for them. Bless you and Anubis on this journey.

2014-06-23 10:23:58

Elisa Straehle said:

I'm so glad you started this blog.You told me about Anubis when I was there with Yodel and I really wanted to keep up with how he does with the implants.

2014-06-23 10:38:38

Bonnie Zelic said:

You are a God send to animals. We are proud to be patients of yours and Anubis struck it really lucky falling into your path. Good luck Anubis!

2014-06-23 12:20:55

rita said:

Sure hope the cells work! Great to have access to be treatment options! Best of luck to the puppy! Hugs to Anubis!

2014-06-23 13:19:49

CLB said:

I had a Dalmatian that was diagnosed with diabetes at age 4 - with close observation and twice daily insulin injections, she lived another five happy years, and was one of the great joys in my life. With the care and innovative treatment he is receiving Anubis has a chance at a long and happy life - fingers crossed for the best possible outcome - looking forward to following his progress!

2014-06-23 13:45:19

Cindi Mac said:

Great blog, Jim, look forward to hearing about the great strides he makes under your (and Wilson's) care! I've always said that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as a dog...and reside at 27 Oak Park!

2014-06-23 13:55:21

Amy Aspenwall said:

So glad you're writing this blog. I'll be interested in following Anubis' journey.

2014-06-23 18:18:11

Herlene Myers said:

Jim, You are a God sent to all the animals in Wheeling. Wish I were closer to you, so you can take care of my two female cats. Molly is 14 years old, and Jaden is 13 years old. I don't have to tell you how much they are loved. They truly own me heart and soul. I love you Jim, Judy, Abby, and kids. Aunt Herlene

2014-06-23 18:48:57

Herlene Myers said:

My love and best to Anubis. What does his name mean?

2014-06-23 18:50:31

mary maguire said:

praying hard everything turns out well for Anubis !!!!!!! Thanks for this blog !!!

2014-06-23 21:13:13

Michelle & Tim from Hamilton Canada said:

Anubis is such a lucky pup to have found you, Dr. Radcliffe. We look forward to reading about his progress.

2014-06-24 06:46:38

Julie said:

Doc ~ If anybody can pull this little guy through his troubles- it's you! We're thinking about ya!

2014-06-25 07:19:58

raymond falbo said:

Julie and I are saying lots of prayers for this little puppy. we meet Anubis and had the pleasure of taking him for a walk. he must of kissed me and Julie 50 times and was so happy to get outside and play. we have been coming to Town & country animal hospital for 15 years and travel over 100 mile each way to get there. you ask why ? meet Jim and meet there staff and you will understand why we do. Were pulling for this little guy and im sure with all the love that hes getting he is going to be just fine. Get well soon Anubis.

2014-06-25 07:31:13

Norma O'Neil said:

I heard a little about this story when we came for our appt. with you bringing one of our standard poodles...Kirby. What a lucky little fella your Anubis to have found in his journey of life a path to you Dr. Jim. After reading your blog, I came to know more about this little guy Anubis and my heart goes out to him. He certainly is in the right hands as I have known you and your services for 25 years. Most recently you diagnosed my standard Kirby with Addisons and although he still and will have his problems, you have given him back his quality of life to a big degree. I thank God every day for having you in our lives and the lives of our 3 standards as well as many dogs previous to the 3 we now have and love. I would travel miles on end just to bring my boys to you for your expertise knowledge and help. You are top of the line not only with your knowledge but with your compassion and care to treat all our wonderful pets as though they are your very own. What more could we ask for in a Vet. and we feel so lucky to have you...I hope you know we do! Good luck in your recent endeavor with Anubis and his upcoming procedure and he will go to the top of my prayer list. Will be thinking of you and your newly found love Anubis and hoping for a complete recovery. Take care and see you soon for sure!!!

2014-06-28 06:23:16

Lori said:

Good luck with your surgery today Anubus.

2014-07-17 10:07:37

Mary Maguire said:

Little kandee now knows her prayers and she's praying daily for Anubis too !!

2014-07-21 23:57:37

Mary maguire said:

when will you know if the transplants work or not ???

2014-07-22 00:00:27

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