Anubis – The Journey Continues

Anubis has adjusted well to his “forever home” with the only issue being the dreaded house-training. HIs uncontrolled diabetes results in his drinking large volumes of water and needing to urinate quite often, and he hasn’t yet learned to bark to indicate the need to go. I’ve slept on the patio with him most nights to avoid having to get up every hour or two to let him out, or having to clean up urine accidents every morning. We’ve tried crating him, but he barks incessantly when I leave the room. Even two floors away, neither my wife nor I can get to sleep with Anubis yapping in the rec room. He has barked to the point of making himself hoarse. Besides, we hate to stress him out because the stress makes his blood glucose rise too. Anubis has allowed me to sleep on the living room couch while he is “gated” in the kitchen with the outside door open for him, but the flying insects become a problem. We’ve come to the conclusion that we would probably benefit from a doggie-door. If the surgery does nothing but makes Anubis’ body better able to utilize the insulin, thus controlling the diabetes, it will be a vast improvement.

Angel and Sysco are enjoying their new little brother. They play well together, clean each other’s ears, chase around the yard, enjoy walks, and swap chew toys and rawhides regularly. Our grandchildren, Nicholas (5) and Anthony (3) adore Anubis. They love to pet him because his coat is so very soft, and enjoy watching him run and play in the yard.

My hopes and dreams for this boy are that he can live a long, healthful life and that he and I can bring joy to each another. I smile as I write this thinking about long walks in the woods, chasing bunnies (not catching them), and watching Anubis grow into the 35 mph couch potato that I know is his potential. Regardless of what happens our life is brighter and more joyous because Anubis is in it.

As a veterinarian I have learned more about Diabetes Mellitus in the last few months than I thought I would ever know. Anubis not only brought me joy but has made me a better veterinarian with a much greater understanding of life with a diabetic dog. I’ll keep you posted.

Dr. Jim

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